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Who can use Creativmuse?

Anyone who is interested in creating an enhanced experience for their viewers or clients when engaging with their artwork, photographs, cd covers for example or print such as business cards, posters, flyers or magazine ads.

Download the Creativmuse Viewer

The Creativmuse Viewer app is now available on Google Play or the iTunes App Store. Download the app and scan the artwork here.

Use Augmented Reality to connect with your audience.

Provide them with the information that matters in a visually engaging way.

What is Augmented Reality?

AR is a technology that superimposes digital content onto a user's view of the real world while looking at it through a smartphone, tablet or AR glasses.

What is Creativmuse?

Creativmuse is a cost effective and easy to use AR platform that enables you to superimpose video and URL links onto a 2D image – a target image. Provide your audience with added information or entertainment through video embedded onto your target image and facilitate an immediate online connection with your viewer or potential client through web links.

Register for your FREE Creativmuse Creator account now »

Watch the short tutorial video here to learn how to register and to very quickly and easily create your first augmented reality experience. You can create one AR experience with 50 scans with your free account.





Here are just a few ways some people are using Creativmuse:


  • Wedding photographers are adding short videos from the wedding day to the photographs to bring the photo album to life as an add on to their packages.
  • Artists and makers are producing a video demonstrating their creative process or as creative extensions to their work, which is accessed by viewers scanning it.
  • Restaurants are embedding videos in their menu showing how the chef prepares their signature dishes and augmenting images in their drinks menu to trigger a video of the bartender creating a unique cocktail or talking about some of their popular wines.
  • Colleges are using it to augment and enhance their prospectus, incorporate AR into their courses, and on student projects.
  • Business owners are linking a video to their business card or latest mailshot flyers to provide customers or clients with special deals and promos, updates or other important information about the company and adding links to their website, and "order now" buttons.
  • Photo albums from holidays, honeymoons, birthdays or any other special event are being enhanced with video from the day to truly bring back those memories in a powerfully visual way.
  • Musicians are augmenting their CD covers so fans can scan to hear their latest release, unlock an exclusive track, or to watch them performing.

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